Black and white

I was ready for a new look…something more formal for the holidays, perhaps. Black and white? Absolutely.

My go-to book: The Sewing Bible by Ruth Singer.

Throw pillows are a great project. I like to make mine with an envelope closure in the back for easy removal and washing. The fabric I had left in my inventory was this hounds-tooth (that I’ve been so needing to use) and dandelion pattern. Simple. I may throw in a Southwestern pattern on a smaller pillow form, just to honor my roots…oh, and for some eye candy.


After laying out, I cut my fabric according to the dimensions of my pillow: 16″x16″. The actual fabric gets cut at 16.5″x 16.5″ for the face of the pillow, to allow for seams; and, 16.5″ x 12.5″ (2 pieces) to create the envelope back. Follow these steps for each pillow you plan to cover. Then… I like to straight stitch the rough edge of the envelope that will be seen in back. Then just pin all three pieces – right sides together – (envelope will overlap) and sew one straight stitch all the way through.


The finished product


Happy sewing!


Can’t touch this

My, my, my, my…

Ok, I’ll spare you my rendition of the song, but look at these pants!


After researching countless patterns, getting discouraged, and then stumbling through two or three failed attempts, I finally borrowed the hammer pants of a friend’s little one to create the pattern. If you’ve ever created your own pattern then you’ll recognize the ease involved here. Just in time for the holidays (and my Etsy shop!). Look for the style in the next few weeks here:


Upcycled toddler dress from mom’s maxi dress

Upcycled toddler dress from mom’s maxi dress

Once upon a time, I had a great maxi dress that was a beautiful blue, lightweight and comfortable fabric – perfect for summer. After a few years of more fun than it could handle the dress’ strap broke on one of the arms. I threw it in the bin thinking it’d be an easy repair but I just never got around to it. Soon thereafter, this adorable toddler dress was born.

How did I do it? Start with a dress that has a style you like for your little one. Trace it out onto your fabric, cut and then sew the two pieces together. I did a little extra zigzag stitch in the collar so it wouldn’t fray.

It’s fun, easy, and one of my favorites. Pair it with some leggings and/or layer it for a warmer outfit. Continue reading