Black and white

I was ready for a new look…something more formal for the holidays, perhaps. Black and white? Absolutely.

My go-to book: The Sewing Bible by Ruth Singer.

Throw pillows are a great project. I like to make mine with an envelope closure in the back for easy removal and washing. The fabric I had left in my inventory was this hounds-tooth (that I’ve been so needing to use) and dandelion pattern. Simple. I may throw in a Southwestern pattern on a smaller pillow form, just to honor my roots…oh, and for some eye candy.


After laying out, I cut my fabric according to the dimensions of my pillow: 16″x16″. The actual fabric gets cut at 16.5″x 16.5″ for the face of the pillow, to allow for seams; and, 16.5″ x 12.5″ (2 pieces) to create the envelope back. Follow these steps for each pillow you plan to cover. Then… I like to straight stitch the rough edge of the envelope that will be seen in back. Then just pin all three pieces – right sides together – (envelope will overlap) and sew one straight stitch all the way through.


The finished product


Happy sewing!



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