Information overload

Gertrude Stein once said, “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” I found myself wondering what this may look like in today’s digital world. My mind immediately led me to the day I witnessed two teenage boys walking side by side, both wearing headphones connected to a digital device – and not saying a word to each other. Did one even know that the other was there? Ten years ago, common sense would tell us that these two boys walking side by side were buddies who enjoy each other’s company. Today, however, this particular act is more difficult to decipher. Did these two boys lose, albeit temporarily, their ability to have a cohesive conversation with each other? Luckily, being a secondary school teacher, I know there is still hope. I get it. Teenagers need a space to call their own, to proclaim/demonstrate their identity. Today’s spaces often times, just look different. The space that these two may have been occupying was their own music (or podcast?)and while spending time with their friend, they didn’t necessarily feel it was important to share what they were listening to, with anyone.

How does this relate to ambitionista? Well, I can’t speak for Emma, but I often find my inspiration for creation and parenting amongst all of this information – on mommy and sewing blogs, mostly, but in general, online. I like to think this information is strengthening my common sense; encouraging me to cultivate my relationships and my judgment of situations. This is all assuming I can keep myself from clicking too often on unrelated items like fashion and hair. What do you, dear ambitionista reader, think? What does all this information do to your common sense?



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