Raw Hempflower Butter


I am excited about this as it turned out even better than I had thought it would. The best test is always the kid test and both kiddos scarfed it up straight from the jar.

The bottom line is that I have a lot of raw hemp seeds and I end up not doing anything with them. We eat a ton of almond butter in our household. For example, on a day to day basis we spread it on apples, carrots, celery…..you get the idea. So a thought came to me this morning, make raw hempflower butter for smearing bliss!

Hemp seeds have a lot of health benefits. They are heart healthy, increase energy and can improve digestion to name just a few.  Sunflower seeds are also beneficial. My favorite finding that you can read about here is that they make you happy. I like the flavor of sunflower and thought it would pair nicely with the hemp seeds and it did! Here is what I ended up doing…

Combine the following in food processor or vitamix:

1/2 cup raw hemp seeds

1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds

1 tablespoon or more of almond oil (use to ease in making creamy)

pinch of salt (optional)

Give it a whirl until the seeds create a butter like this:

photo 1

That’s it. Hempflower butter bliss! Enjoy! Emma


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