Heavenly Garlic Sauce

A while back a friend of mine was raving about her favorite garlic sauce (spread really, but I am calling a sauce) that was raw and available at our local health food store. It was amazing. It was this garlicky spread that was bursting with flavor and the most important part was that the texture was like a thick mayonnaise and the ingredient list was so small. Really just garlic, oil, lemon juice and sea salt. The day she introduced me to the spread I almost ate all of her beet chips and garlic sauce it was so good. I immediately did some research to figure out how to make this at home.

Turns out, the closest thing I could find was a recipe for Toum, a Lebanese garlic sauce. Also turns out it was spot on! Yum! And yeah!


So, with the help of the food blog (http://thefoodblog.com.au/2009/10/toum-lebanese-garlic-sauce-recipe.html) and their post on the subject, I created the most amazing raw garlic sauce ever.

First of all, it is so simple. Only takes 4 ingredients (note, although the recipe called for a neutral oil, I used my good EVOO and it turned out great). Secondly, once it is made, the possibilities are endless. Dip for veggies and lettuce slices. Use in recipes to garlic things up a bit (my favorite is to add to my lentil burgers and even put a dollop on my stir fries). Use as condiment in place of mayonnaise. Or, eat on it’s own. Yes, it’s that good.


Bon Appetit! Emma


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