Onesie dress

So, after finding a number of adorable tutorials on Pinterest (I ❤ Pinterest!), I decided to try my hand at the so-called onesie dress. Through all the hand-me-downs, I ended up with two short-sleeved and stained, white onesies – oh, and did I mention they were too small too? Being the ambitionista I am, I bought a box of red Rit dye (about six months ago b/c I knew I’d get a wild hair soon enough) and threw a bunch of stained, white tops in the bucket of red dye. Two reddish onesies and one nursing tank later, I decided I probably won’t use Rit dye again – but let’s stay focused. I chose one of the onesies as my first victim and cut off the bottom half. Then I took a piece of fabric I’d been dying to use (no pun intended), that ended up to be the perfect size and shape and sewed them together. Head over to to check out the great instructions to make your little one an adorable

Cute girly on a sunny, spring day

Cute girly on a sunny, spring day

onesie dress. As a sidenote: in order to avoid sewing and then seam-ripping because you’ve traumatized your child by having her try it on, only to find it’s waaaay too small, be sure to:

Stretch the onesie fabric as you sew the skirt on!


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